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Events and Workshops

Deepen your practice and become radiantly alive when you join me outside of normal classes

CREATIVE YOGA SEQUENCING ONLINE WORKSHOP 15.07.2023 09.30-11.30 CET (book here)

The second workshop to elevate your sequencing and tap into your creativity. Building on the foundational methods from the first workshop (available online as a replay here) you will now start to connect asanas in new and exciting ways, discovering new original  transitions and not just copying a movement. 

Delving into how poses are linked anatomically, unleash your creative potential and elevate your yoga sequences to new heights.

You will be guided through a transformative journey, providing you with the tools, techniques, and inspiration needed to design dynamic and engaging sequences that truly stand out.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be equipped with an arsenal of creative sequencing techniques that will leave your students in awe and longing for more. Elevate your teaching and transform your classes into unforgettable experiences that will keep your students coming back for more.


YOGA WITH LIVE DJ at various locations with LyLa Soul Yoga

Lose yourself in the music, the energy and the movement in this 75 minute Yoga led by me, combining elements of movement, meditation and ecstatic dance, in combination with a live electronic DJ set by Ly. 

Move and dance with us in this open format, as you go deeper and deeper into flow with our dj's chill beats. Be prepared to be fully immersed and lose yourself in this fluid sequence of movements and music in various locations around Germany


YIN-YANG SPECIAL 28.07.2023 16.30-18.00

This balanced practice is designed to help you balance your energy levels so that you can go through the rest of summer with less stress and more joy. We take a rest from the business of summer with a cooling yin practice, and then crank up the heat as we fill ourselves up with sun energy to go back out into the world and live our truths

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