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Events and Workshops

Deepen your practice and become radiantly alive when you join me outside of normal classes


WEEKEND YOGA IMMERSION new dates coming as soon as we know the reopening of the Studio (om&company)

A 2-day immersion for yoga teachers and curious practitioners who want to dive deeper into their practice, learn to sequence more intelligently and find their authentic voice to sharpen their teaching skills.

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YOGA WITH LIVE DJ at Studio Odeonsplatz 16.02.2023

Lose yourself in the music, the energy and the movement in this 75 minute Yoga led by me, combining elements of movement, meditation and ecstatic dance, in combination with a live electronic DJ set by Ly. Starts at 19.00

Move and dance with us in this open format, as you go deeper and deeper into flow with our dj's chill beats. Be prepared to be fully immersed and lose yourself in this fluid sequence of movements and music in this curated space by Studio Odeonsplatz 

It's FREE, you just have to sign up their email list and email to register


YIN-YANG SPECIAL 24.02.2023 18.18-19.30

This balanced practice is designed to help you balance your energy levels so that you can go through the rest of winter with less stress and more joy.

Yin - Yang Special wix site.jpg


You are more than you think. Braver, wiser, kinder, more dignified. Discover how mindful movement, affirmations and focus can transform the way you see yourself and the world in this 2-hour workshop. Together we build a flow that restores our trust in ourselves and brings us back to our center. We then do yoga with eyes closed, partner yoga and meditations to pass that love on to others from within. Get ready to sweat, smile and love and let's shine together.

What we will do:

Part 1 What is self love?

Part 2 heart-opening flow to get heart energy and love flowing

Part 3 Blind Flow to get confidence in ourselves, to learn to listen to ourselves

Part 4 partner yoga to trust and listen to others as well; to spread the love

Part 5 Meditation - to build our love for ourselves and others, for a love for all

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