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The surprising hair oil you need to use

Summer might be leaving but we all know that happy hair is still a myth for a lot of us.

Here in Munich the water is very hard, so I need to care for my hair even more than when I’m by the ocean!

happy hair without the pricetag

Hello, humble rapeseed oil

Buy it in your local supermarket, and apply to wet hair.

FYI, all products work better when applied to wet hair as the follicles are open and more receptive.

It doesn’t have the strong smell that coconut oil has, but still leaves your hair softer and a lot more manageable.

You only need to leave it in for 2 hours max and wash out to see and feel the difference.

Go on, try it out! Let me know how you got on in the comments, and if you have a hair fave I need to try or review, let me know

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