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Feetup Trainer - worth investing in?

I love inversions. I love the challenge, the focus required, and that they're fun! And they have a host of physical benefits too. They improve circulation, improve wrist strength and flexibility, and strengthen the core and shoulders

But what happens when the shoulders and wrists aren't quite there yet? How can we practice on our inversions without overdoing it on our supporting body parts?

I was sent a Feetup Trainer to try out, and I've enjoyed playing with it a lot

feetup trainer

The Feetup Trainer is designed to help you practice those inversions without putting too much pressure on your shoulders. If you're beginning your inversion journey, then it's a great tool to give you confidence and help you practice staying up

I like using them in class to give students the confidence to move away from the wall and still feel safe. I also like that you still have to work the core stay upright, building muscle memory (and muscle in general)

If you're already confident in your inversions then the Feetup Trainer won't help you go deeper, but it does come with a huge poster of asana variations you can do with it

Some of the backbending ones are great, though other poses feel like they're there just to make a point. But resting your legs on it in savasana does feel super nice!

When you're upside down on the Feetup Trainer, the cushion is really comfy, and it looks like some modern furniture in your room, which is lucky as it does not fold away for storage or travel

yoga nook for all my yoga props

Overall, if you are a beginner or have had a shoulder injury then this is a great investment. However be aware of the space it takes up. Teachers, it's a wonderful tool to help your students move away from using the wall as a prop, and if you have storage space then I recommend it for your studios


*I was sent a Feetup Trainer for free to test and review. I was not paid to write a review or to promote. All opinions are my own

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