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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

2 main reasons I practice yoga are to ground and connect, when I'm not grounded I'm 🤪

What that means:

saying yes to everything and double booking myself,

not giving myself enough time for tasks,

unable to focus for longer than 10mins,

feeling flighty and unsettled,

comparing myself to others (and coming up short) forgetting things at home/studios

When I am grounded I still say yes to everything but I check my schedule and make enough time. I also plan down time, and instead of comparing I can celebrate other's success and be content with my place on my journey

So how can we ground? Slow down, get in nature, and of course meditate

Grounding yoga poses - anything that returns you to the earth - thing folds, child pose, tree pose, mountain pose

Focus your awareness on what is - notice 5 things that you see. Notice the shape, the size, the colour, the texture etc. Do this again and again, even with the same objects. Ta-da! You've just meditated :)

How do you ground? Tell me in the comments!

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