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Why holidays are unhealthy and how to help

It's August and the whole world seems to be on holiday, or at least in holiday mode with these heatwaves we're having. But why do we associate holidays with unhealthiness?

Basically, we have 2 parts of our brain, the caveman brain and the administrator brain. Caveman brain works on the survival principle - get many basic needs met as quickly as possible - such as food, and avoids pain and focuses on pleasure. The administrator is our logical, decision making, will-power brain, which we need to function in society and to make good choices.

We have to continually turn on our administrator, and recharge it too, because as soon as it wears off our caveman brain takes over. So when we actively turn off our administrator, the caveman takes over, and we drink too much, stay up too late, eat poorly and avoid exercise.

Fun fact - this is fine to do!

It's not your whole life, and 1 meal, 1 day, 1 holiday week is not going to impact you in any way long term. However (of course there's a however), you can activate your administrator while still dedicating yourself to pleasure.

The trick is to be mindful with your pleasure. Eat the gelato/drink the Aperol mindfully, savour the texture, flavour and whole experience. Nobody wants to go to the gym on holiday, so get movement in another way. Play beach games, go to those festivals and dance your heart out, explore those cute towns on foot.

And remember, when you indulge yourself, at some point you will crave the opposite (a theory I have tested many times haha), so let go of the guilt. After a few days of non-stop pasta and pizza, that salad will be all you can think about. Your body knows how to balance itself, so listen, learn and enjoy these times

September will be all about cardio flows, and delightful restorative classes, so we've got this, all good

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