Yoga & Surf

A 7 day well balanced surf and yoga escape in Southern Portugal

We are Anna and Jodie, surf and soul sisters who met living in Bali. 


Our most asked question is always "Why would you leave Bali?". And our answer is always “To share the magic”. We have learned is that this magic doesn't come from a pin in a map. It lies in great local food, beautiful sea-view villas, amazing outdoor yoga, epic waves and most important of all, a real sense of community and camaraderie. This is what we have brought to Europe. This is the magic we want you to experience!

With years of experience in the high end hospitality and tourism industries, and a passion for the ocean, an active lifestyle and a glass of good wine,  we want to share the happiness this life can bring with you.

We set up To The Sea Retreat as a boutique, friendly and well balanced surf and yoga retreat, offering small group surf and yoga holidays in luxurious sea-front villas. We create a family atmosphere by only having 10 guests at a time, and delight in sharing our knowledge and passions with you.

Our hope is that you leave our little piece of paradise happier, healthier and part of a new family.

To the Sea!


From €999


Yoga & Diving

7 days on board a luxury yacht in the stunning red sea

A 7 day dive and yoga safari in the Southern Red Sea. Departing and returning to Marsa Alam, Egypt,  we spend 7 nights on board the luxurious Emperor Elite and bring the benefits of yoga to divers and non-divers alike. 



This trip gives you the tools to access the blue state of mind, even after the trip. By practicing yoga to enhance awareness of both body and mind, we slow down, destress and can live fully in the present moment. We gain more out of our dives with longer breath cycles, a calmer mind, healthier bodies and a greater ability to take in the moment.  


Diving brings us into a blue state of mind, and yoga keeps us there.


Blue Mind: A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peace, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment. - Wallace J. Nichols, P.H.D


There is nothing like diving. 


The feeling of sinking into the blue, the quiet that envelops you and the freedom of movement in 3 dimensions. You leave gravity and your stress on the surface, becoming physically, mentally and maybe even spiritually lighter. 


It is well known that the mind needs a task to occupy it enough to stop it leaping around inside your head. 


In yoga, we focus on the breath.  By linking movement to inhalations and exhalations and deepening/elongating the breath we calm the nervous system, gaining clarity, calmness and focus.


In diving we also focus on the breath, but without the conscious realisation of the effects this has on us above the waves.


By marrying these two complementary worlds, we get more out of each, and a greater overall experience.  This experience will stay with you long after the tan has faded and the wetsuit has dried. 




Who is it for?


This trip is for everyone! Divers & non-divers welcome.


You are not too old, weak, or inflexible to start yoga, or to be on a boat for a week. We cater to people from all walks of life, men and women, old and young. You will be guided into the poses in a safe, accessible manner, with modifications appropriate to you, and the benefits of a regular yoga practice will continue long after the week ends. 

Jodie often has yoga instructors and total beginners in her yoga classes, and all keep coming back for more.  We have taught over 1000 people to dive, from 11 year olds to 70+, so you know you’re in good hands above and below the water. 


The crew on board Emperor Elite are exceptional. From the captain to the deck hands, each member is attentive, courteous and exude that legendary Egyptian hospitality. The dive guides know all the sites like the back of their hands and will ensure we dive the right sites at the right times


What about non-divers?

Divers and non-divers alike are welcome, with snorkelling options available



Benefits of adding yoga to your diving:


  • breathing exercises (pranayama) increases your breath cycle

  • focusing on breathing as you move trains you to always breathe 


  • destress even more, on the surface as well as below it

  • learning mindfulness techniques to keep calm enhances your underwater interactions with aquatic fauna

  • honing ability to focus enables you to take in more on your dive, no more missing out/forgetting


  • physically get prepared for the dives with strengthening and lengthening poses

  • soothe sore backs and legs with restorative sessions


Why yogis will love diving:


  • You physically leave the normal world

  • You feel heavy yet light, just like in savasana

  • You can’t be distracted by social media etc when you’re diving!

  • It’s a lot easier to focus on the breath when you can hear and see the bubbles

  • You can come back to the memory of descending into the blue as a great meditation technique

  • You are at one with nature, and can fully ‘be’ in the water and the moment





€1149 per person, all dives and 1 complimentary yoga session


Supplements:€70 per person for Upper Deck cabin, €50 per person for Main Deck cabin. €140 per person for Junior Suite, €300 per person for Executive Suite. Twin berth cabin for single use = Standard cabin share rate + 50%


Yoga sessions: €15 each (2 x a day = €30 a day)


Yoga package: all yoga sessions + 1 x mindfulness dive + meditation: €150

Yoga & Pilates

3 days of Peace, Love & Power Poses in Bavarian countryside

Want to get fit and start good habits? Then this retreat is for you! After sell out yogilates events in Munich, Stotts qualified Pilates instructor Martine and I are taking our events out into nature. 

We stretch, tone, sculpt and energise ourselves overlooking the beautiful landscape with dynamic power yoga & mat pilates. Finding the yin to our yang, we complement this  with yin/restorative yoga sessions and meditation. Find your ultimate morning routine and take in the breathtaking Bavarian nature, with time for hikes, swims, or time to simply be. Take time for you and give yourself a head start this summer.

Price on request, includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals, all yoga/pilates, guided hikes.