don't just take my word for it!

Jodie is just such an excellent teacher! She really checks up on everyone in the class and you can really feel that she's taking everyone's needs/abilities seriously. What I loved about the way Jodie conducts her class is that anyone, no matter if beginner, intermediate or advanced, can find the right practice for her-/himself.
She's a super authentic yoga teacher and practices what she preaches.

Daniela, DE

Jodie truly is an amazing, inspirational teacher. She really gets the best out of you, and keeps you striving to improve in a really supportive way. Whilst she takes you through her routines, she helps you understand exactly how your body, mind and soul are being benefited each step of the way.

Ellie, UK

Jodie girl brings her warmth and energy to every class and I love her style of teaching. Every class is different and she makes sure everyone gets what they need from a class. Your body will thank you. Amazers

Rebecca, IRE

I learned so much from her, and deepened my practice and knowledge of yoga as a whole. Jodie is full of joy and brought a creative, inspiring atmosphere to the studio. The next time I'm in Munich, attending one of Jodi's classes is atop my list!

Barbara, DK

She's just wonderful! Her positivity can be felt throughout the whole session and I've never felt so comfortable during yoga sessions as a beginner. Highly recommend :)!

Annemarijn, NL