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The Full Story


I believe we live best when we are

Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathetic.

And we teach best when we add

Purpose, Alignment, Control and Education - P.A.C.E.

I live, teach and train based on these principles, so we learn, grow, and thrive naturally and with joy.


How it began

I completed my first YTT in Rishikesh, India in early 2017 and have since completed further trainings with Simon Park and Klara Puski (Liquid Flow), Trina Altman (Creative Sequencing with Somatics), Adam Husler (the Art of Vinyasa), and many more inspirational teachers.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, I spent 10 years teaching scuba diving and practicing yoga with wonderful teachers in Thailand, Australia and Bali, before coming to Munich, Germany in 2017. 


I have been connected to the power of the breath, freedom through alignment and holding space my entire adult life, and my mission is to help others find their authentic voice using PACE Yoga, so everyone can become their true selves

Where it's going

In Munich, I teach yoga full time in studios, corporate offices, online, and at festivals and events. I also run hybrid yoga teacher trainings and organise retreats.


Way to my heart: Come on an adventure, bring Thai food, tell me a joke along the way. Stop to marvel at how the light hits a leaf, or to help a stranger in need, and I will love you forever.

Everything you need is within you. Let's uncover it together

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