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Free decision-making coaching course

How to decide
if a yoga teacher training
is right for you

The most common questions by far when it comes to deciding if you should do a yoga teacher training or not are:

"Am I good enough?"

"Is this the right time?"

"How do I know if I should take a yoga teacher training course?"

"What kind of course suits me?"

Questions are great, it means you're thinking and are taking this decision seriously. But it is really overwhelming to decide when there are so many courses out there, and so many yoga teachers already!

So I made this FREE MINI-COACHING COURSE  for you, to help you arrive at a decision that resonates with your body, mind and soul. And yes, you can use it to coach yourself through any big decision you have to make, not just if your should do a YTT 

I made this course to help me arrive at the decision to launch a yoga teacher training, and I can tell you, it feels so good having worked through this mini coaching course and know that I am fully aligned with my purpose. I only share what has worked well for me because authenticity is big value of mine, and my wish is that you choose to take a yoga teacher training based on authentic love, not fear.

Now it's your turn to arrive at the decision that fully aligns with you.

I can't wait to hear your decision, and whichever way you end up choosing, I am here to support you fully

Make the best decision for you with this free course

Know yourself, trust yourself, be your best self with this free mini-course

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