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Bookings for my yoga teacher training is open!

You know those teachers who speak to your soul and make your body sing? Who show their personality whilst honouring the tradition of yoga? That teacher is within you.

Let me show you how

Laughing Yoga

Become an authentic, inspiring, and profoundly knowledgable yoga teacher


I help you uncover your truest self, so you shine with the magic that is within you. We all have infinite wisdom and compassion within us, and Yoga is the way to let your light shine. Deepen your knowledge, understanding and practice as you journey through the layers and back home, to your Self

I'll teach you how to make yoga accessible through PACE -

  • playfulness & purpose

  • acceptance & alignment

  • curiosity & connection

  • empathy & education

  - to embody the physical, psychological and energetic benefits of yoga.

Yoga teaching

Join me from anywhere in the world and learn to:


  • authentically weave themes into class with the PACE method

  • sequence somatically with purpose and clarity

  • deepen your practice and understanding of what Yoga truly means - so much more than shapes on a mat

  • unlock the power of your authentic voice with professional voice-coaching, and how it integrates into yoga

  • give clear and compassionate verbal and physical assists

  • functional anatomy and body reading for better alignment, movement, and well-being

  • practice and teach pranayama and meditation

  • honour the history of yoga and embody the yoga philosophy that supports it all

  • apply practical, actionable methods needed for teaching (and earning!) in our modern world

  • ground into the truth of who you are with coaching, journalling and more

Use the four pillars of teaching methodology -


  1. authentic voice

  2. intelligent sequencing

  3. artful touch

  4. energetic presence


to elevate your own yoga practice and those you share it with

Want to know more? Get in touch and I'll send you more detailed information

Why hybrid?

As much as I wish we could all get away for a month together, life is not often so accommodating


I want to make yoga training accessible no matter how busy you are, and still have a feeling of community and comradery


Access to asana recordings afterwards means you can rewatch and absorb the lessons again and again, which is impossible in a live-only training


However, the magic of touch and learning to hold physical space can only be truly experienced when we all come together, so a week in-person intensive will complete this training perfectly


Get the best of both worlds and dive deep into your yoga practice

Start Date: from 15.01- 15-04.2024

End Date 09.08.2024

Price: €2700

Payment Plan available


Accomodation, travel costs, and 19% VAT not included

How it works:

Self-Paced online learning  

4 x live online community sessions 

4 x live Q&A sessions

Support from peers, alumni and teachers in an exclusive online forum

1 x in-person 7-day intensive - Casa San Tome Retreat Centre, Italy (lake Garda)

Register Now

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