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Ace your Morning Routine

On our surf and yoga retreats everyone easily slips into good habits.

Morning yoga, healthy food, less screen time, more time connecting.

So how do we keep up these good habits once we’re back in the real world?

Here are my tips for starting your day right


1: Don’t procrastinate!

The second you open your laptop, or say you’ll “just do xxxx first”, your routine is doomed. Unless you have an iron will and incredible time keeping skills, which we don’t. So roll out of bed and onto your mat before you really know what’s going on, you’ll be glad you did

2: 10 minutes is better than no minutes

So you snoozed instead of leaping our of bed, it happens (a lot!). Don’t sweat it, and don’t do nothing because your time is shorter. Anything is better than nothing, you’ll see

3: Drink water instead of coffee first thing

Yes you can have a coffee, but reach for the water bottle instead of the coffee cup first. Your body hasn’t had any H20 in 7hrs or more, and you mostly feel groggy in the morning due to dehydration

4: Give yourself time!

Have that tea/coffee/whatever without looking at a screen. Set an intention or affirmation, or just a happy thought for yourself and allow your mind to be still before your day really starts

5: Try leaving 10 minutes earlier so when you’re 10 minutes late you’re still on time

You know that last minute panic of “where are my keys/shoes/etc”, “should I really take this jacket or a jumper instead”, “sh*t there’s toothpaste on my top”. It happens every morning, so allow yourself time to faff!


How are you in the mornings? Do you need a morning routine?

If you want a 20 minute morning routine subscribe for upcoming events!

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