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Why we still need Masculine Energy (and how to tap it)

We talk a lot about feminine energy and the need to be nurture, nourish, flow and be gentle. But what is the opposite and do we need it?

My brother recently graduated as a firefighter. He spent 14 weeks living, working and bonding with 23 strange men, and their smiles as they collected their certificates could have lit up the entire world.

They had to uncover their deepest regrets, fears, and also celebrate their proudest moments. They climbed through smoke filled buildings, put out fires, rescued car crash victims and more.

They learned to trust not just each other, but also themselves. They honed their ability to make decisions in difficult situations, and to act swiftly and fairly.

Daddy's a firefighter! My brother and nephew on graduation day

This is the divine masculine. The leader in all of us. The warrior in each of us. The part of you that will speak up for yourself and others, set boundaries, make decisions, have adventures, and simply do

If you feel that you cannot make decisions or are stagnant, if you wish you had more confidence or feel like you're a pushover, then it's time to tap into the divine masculine

Here's how

Use affirmations. Here are a few to get you started:

"I am a warrior"

"I trust my decisions"

"I can do hard things"

"I am brave"

"I am strong enough for whatever may come"

Take some risks -they don't have to be huge, but we rarely feel ready and that's ok. Lean into the risky feeling and let go of the outcome. Try adding more inversions and backbends to your yoga practice, or order something new from the menu. Baby steps are still steps!

Less perfection, more assertion. Put those ideas into action, one step at a time. Do that presentation, say one thing at the meeting, be the one who organised the social event in your friendship circle

We know it's an action-based world out there, but in this ocean of life you deserve to be the current, and not just the shell swept up in it. So let's embrace the divine masculine in all of us, and, just like my brother, free ourselves from the burning buildings of our own limiting self-beliefs.

If you want to add more divine masculine into your team or own life book me for a seminar or coaching call:

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